Monday, July 29, 2013

Pucker Up: 4 Variations on the Sour Cocktail

I love a deeply bitter and moody cocktail, so sometimes I need to be reminded to lighten things up when the weather turns warmer. Taking a cue from the bright citrus notes which constitute some of my favorite summertime flavors, and inspiration from an especially delightful Fernet sour, (once again courtesy of Anna Wallace), I highlighted four different citrus fruits and liquors that compliment them. 

A little bit retro and delightfully glamorous, sour cocktails are meant for that time of day when the afternoon sun starts to slant just so. Pick your poison, and then for each drink, follow the same method: Combine all ingredients in a mixing pint or shaker. Add the whisk from a hawthorn strainer and shake. (To be fair, I usually skip this step!) Remove the whisk and add ice, violently shaking until thoroughly chilled. Double strain, (again, I often breeze by this formality unless company is over) into a chilled coupe. Alternatively, I find that a double old fashioned feels nice in the hand and rests better on the seat cushion next to you. Enjoy!


  1. I love your graphic! This is a great blog!

    1. Thanks Sara! Your opinion and kind words mean a lot.xo