Friday, May 23, 2014

There and back.

A lot has happened over my three month (or so) hiatus. A major relationship that largely defined my 20s came to a close. It was a difficult decision but the instant feeling of lightness it brought made me realize that it was the right decision, and how much I had been internalizing. Closing that chapter brought on a renewed commitment to listen to my gut, and less to give in to my tendency toward guilt.

I needed a little break. Now I’m back! Also, I just finally got internet again!

If you are reading this, you probably already know what I’ve been up to, of late. Hello friends! And I literally mean hello, friends - and not in the Internet community sense – but you my every day friends, who are almost exclusively my readership. (You guys are the best.)

I’ve said goodbye to a few things lately. Some I will miss more than others.

This neighborhood, with both so many fond childhood memories, as well as so many more memories made over the past year:

Simon. So photogenic. My Instagram feed will miss you. You are an asshole, but so handsome on camera:

This sweet house:

I hope to someday feel for somebody in the way I fall so hard for places.

I traveled down to South America for a spell. Wandered the streets and nooks and crannies of Santiago feeling my feelings, mostly of heartache. In part because I never had a truly good Pisco Sour.

Went on to Valparaíso, perhaps the most highly talked up city in Chile. Hiked through the incredible street art with my four new best friends:

Because all prior planning ended with Valpa, I followed my cute Swiss travel buddy to Buenos Aires. It felt like the whole world existed in that city. Also, the town was my culinary soul mate.

Finally, I spent four days straight drunk on red wine and teetering around the streets of Mendoza and Maipu via crappy old bikes. Popped back over the Andes for one last night in Santiago before returning home.

And now? With summer just around the corner I’m back to my day job and vermouth cocktails. Stay tuned!

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